• Login

    USERNAME: is ePAYROLL, for example e999999

    PASSWORD: is the same password you are using currently for ImageTrend Field Bridge

    AGENCY: is Houston Fire Department

  • On Screen Keyboard

    If you are not on a docking station with a keyboard, there are a few options to keep the keyboard visible so you don't have to click on the icon in the bottom every time you want to use it. Once you open the keyboard, click on the downward arrow next to "tools" at the top of the keyboard.

    Then select "docking", and select "dock at bottom of the screen".

    The keyboard will stay at the bottom of the screen.

    You can rotate the laptop and make it vertical instead of horizontal and there is more room to see.

  • To upload a transfer

    After you have information to upload - patient demographics, vitals or treatments - click the blue Transfer button at the top of the screen. Then select Transfer Type - Upload Transfer.

    It will then prompt you to select which Agency to transfer to. To send your information to another apparatus, you will select "Current Agency".

    Once you select "Current Agency", it will
    prompt you to select which Unit to
    transport to. You can scroll down or start
    typing the apparatus name in until you
    find the unit you are looking for and
    select it.

    To Download a Transfer

    Once a unit has transferred information to you, you may then download it into your report. Click on the blue Transfer button at the top of the screen. Then select Download Transfer.

    In this screen you will find all reports that have been transferred to you. Verify that this is the correct incident and apparatus information, and then click on the downward arrow button on the right to download this information into your report. Once you hit this button, another screen will pop up and ask if you are certain you wish to perform this task.

  • EKG Download

    Click on the blue EKG button on the top of the screen. Then you can select the EKG to download from the appropriate device, and date and time. Click on the appropriate downward arrow button to the right hand side.

    Once the EKG is downloaded, it will display in the timeline. It will also import the time the LifePak was turned on, along with any vitals that may have been recorded on it. When you print your Patient Care Report at the hospital, the 12lead EKGs will be displayed at the end of the report.

  • Posting Status

    The dark blue cloud with a check mark and "posted" means your record posted successfully and is closed and locked.

    The light blue cloud with a pencil and the words "Unposted changes post again" means that your record posted successfully, and is locked, but ImageTrend thinks you may have accidentally clicked on something in your record or changed something and it needs to be posted again. We cannot post incidents more than once. You will get an error message if you try. If you get this icon, your record has been posted and is locked and there is nothing more to do.

    The dark grey cloud with an exclamation point and the words "Post unsuccessful post again" means you may have lost internet connection during posting and it didn't post successfully. If it lets you post again, then you are successful. If may also mean that you couldn't post because you were missing a validation rule and got an error message, and you closed the record and went back out to the dashboard. Go back in the record, complete the required documentation and then post your record.

    The light grey cloud with a minus sign in it and the words "Unposted Post Incident" means that your record has not posted and to please post your record when it is complete.

  • How to Update/Sync

    To perform an update or sync at any time other than the initial login, click on the Settings button on the bottom of your dashboard/default screen.

    A grey panel will pop up, and click on Sync Resources.

    The sync will perform, taking approximately 30 seconds, and then you will be ready to continue in Elite with any new updates or features that were installed.

  • Scroll Bar

    The scroll bar is skinny and difficult to manage with a stylus while bouncing around in an apparatus. You either miss the scroll bar and click on a power tool, or click on the field and it highlights everything. The width of the scroll bar is not an Elite feature, it is a Google Chrome feature.

    An easy fix for scrolling is to use your finger instead of the stylus, and don't click on the scroll bar, click on the field. Use your finger like you would with an iPhone, press your finger in the field, and you can scroll up and down easily. You can also use two fingers to enlarge/zoom in and zoom out or the screen like you would on a smart phone.

  • Disregarded Prior to Arrival

    Instead of clicking NONE for patients on scene, click on the black circle to the right of the NONE box.

    Select NOT ON SCENE.

    Once you pick that, all the other Dispositions will go away, and you can select DISREGARDED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.

  • Billing for an HFD on duty injury & transport

    If you are transporting an on duty HFD employee, with a work related illness or injury, follow these steps to send the bill to Workers Comp.

    • Select Workers Compensation as Primary Method of Payment
    • Click on the box that says City of Houston Employee
    • Click YES for work related illness/injury

    Click on Billing Insurances and to find the name of the City of Houston Workers Comp provider, start typing the word "city" in the Insurance Company Name field. It will display the current City of Houston Workers Comp provider.

  • What if There is No Witness on a Refusal of Transport?

    When you select REFUSAL for the disposition, it requires you to fill out the REFUSAL AMA section. It will require you to get a Witness signature. If your patient is alone, and there is no witness, if you answer the Question in the REFUSAL AMA "Who is with patient now", and the answer is "No one/Patient is alone", it will take away the requirement for a Witness signature.

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  • Additional Reporting

    The patient care narrative is for any and all things related to patient care. This information gets shared with everyone that views our record. It was decided to add a additional place to report events that occur during an incident, but are not related to patient care. Some examples:


    You have an interaction with a bystander on scene.
    You have an interaction with law enforcement on scene.
    You have an interaction with a family member at a hospital.
    You have an interaction with a physician at the hospital.


    Typing something in the field "additional reporting" does not flag your record, it does not send an email to anyone, it is not automatically reviewed by anyone. Currently, a crew member in the field has no way to document these interactions without ultimately sharing it with people that it does not pertain to. Physicians, patients, family members, PD, have called and filed complaints against members, who left information out of their patient care report, because it was not patient care related, or they didn't think anything would come of it. Billing does not need to read about these interactions. The hospital does not need to read about these interactions. If a crew member can be held accountable for these interactions, there needs to be a place to document them, and now there is a field where this is documented internally for quality assurance. This additional reporting does not take the place of handling issues the way we do now, if there is a serious issue, follow your chain of command, discuss it with your Captain, if there is a serious hospital issue, discuss it with your Ambulance Supervisor. This is additional documentation that occurs at the time of the event and is attached to the incident, so if a complaint is filed against you or your crew member, you have now written it down, because we are all taught, if you didn't write it down, it didn't happen.

    One thing to make clear, is that Additional Reporting is not for reporting actions of other HFD members. Interactions or medical errors of HFD members should be handled according to HFD guidelines, and through the chain of command. Review the Guidelines for Complaints, Rules and Regs/Settling Disagreements, Coaching/Counseling/Motivating, and the Patient Care Guidelines for reporting medical errors.