• Select this disposition when your apparatus arrives on scene, to find an individual with no medical complaints, that does not have an apparent illness or injury, and does not want to be assessed or have their vitals checked. Some examples:

    • Your apparatus arrives on scene of a minor motor vehicle accident on the side of the road.  The call was made by a third party caller.  Occupants from both vehicles are surprised to see you, as neither called 911, and they state they do not want an ambulance
    • Your apparatus arrives on scene to find a security guard standing next to a person laying on the sidewalk.  The security guard states they called 911 because they could not wake the individual up.  When your crew approaches the individual, the individual wakes up, and stands up.  The individual states that nothing is wrong, he was just taking a nap.  The individual is acting appropriately and answering questions appropriately.  The individual denies having any complaints, and plans to walk to another location to rest


    When this disposition is selected, you will be required to complete an Individual Declines EMS worksheet. You are asked to document the individual's name that you encountered, and ask for their signature declining an evaluation. Follow the steps below to complete a Declines worksheet.

    The first step in answering the question "Number of Patients at Scene", is to select, "None/Individual Declines EMS"

    The next step is to select the Incident Disposition "Individual Declines EMS Evaluation". This will then prompt you with the red box and exclamation point, and the text below, to fill out a Declines EMS Worksheet. This worksheet is directly to the right, and is a box with two sheets of paper and the word "DECLINES' below. Click on that box.

    Once you have clicked on the DECLINES box, the power tools will disappear, and in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, a new red Declines box will appear. Click on this box to start a Worksheet.

    Inside the Worksheet, select the Crew Member completing the Worksheet, and then answer the first three questions confirming that this is not a patient.

    After answering the questions, you may input the individual's name, and obtain a signature that they are declining an evaluation.

    If the individual walks away, or refuses to give you their name or signature, then click on "N/A" under name, and click on "N/A" under signature. At the bottom, you may enter details of the age, race, and gender of the individual declining.

    If you would like to view or edit your worksheet(s) after saving them, you will find them in the TIMELINE box in the top right hand corner of your screen. Clicking on DECLINES worksheet will not open the old one, it will always start a new one.